What is the Rotunda?

For 100 years, the Rotunda yearbook has chronicled the history of Southern Methodist University.
A publication of Student Media Company, Inc., the award-winning Rotunda is entirely student-produced. Journalistic reporting on academic groups, greek houses, sports teams and student organizations of SMU make up the core of each Rotunda, and the 2018 book will be no different.

The staff of the Rotunda hopes that the 2018 book will represent the diversity in thought, culture and desires that abound at SMU through interesting stories and powerful photography. The Rotunda is the only book published by students at SMU, for students at SMU that is about students at SMU.

SMU Student Groups - We want to feature YOU in the 2017-18 yearbook! Of course, the Rotunda can only cover your event or group if we are aware of it, so please let us know what you are
up to!

Drop Us a Line...

Have questions about the Rotunda? We're here to help.

The staff will begin work on the new Rotunda shortly into the school year, and there's almost always someone in the office who can help you get involved. If you're a student group interested in Rotunda coverage, or a student who would like to become a part of the Rotunda staff, you can contact
Jay Miller, Student Media Company's executive director, by e-mail at jamiller@smu.edu. Or you can swing by the Rotunda offices in Suite 315 of the Hughes Trigg Student Center.

If you have questions about our senior dedication packages or other Rotunda content issues, the Rotunda's editorial adviser, Jay Miller, can be reached by phone at 214-768-4549 or by e-mail.

If you're unsure if you or your student has ordered a copy of the 2017-18 Rotunda or a previous year, please contact LaTicia Douglas at 214-768-4545 or by e-mail.

And for issues regarding this website, you can contact the smurotunda.com webmaster,
Candace Barnhill, at 214-768-4515 or by e-mail. Please pose all queries to topics not listed above to Candace.

Thank you for visiting the Rotunda website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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